Phyla Vell Joins The Grand Team.

Dec 04, 2018

One of the many joys of being part of a racing syndicate, and certainly one that can get an owner thinking, is the naming of your young, unraced horse. For a horse to take part in official trials and races, a name must be registered with the racing authorities so one of the first steps in your horse's career is to get a name registered.

 Many names are clever, funny, meaningful and most have a story behind them. A normal part of choosing the name of your horse is to look at the breeding of the horse and take into account the sire and the dam. 

One of the recently named Grand Syndicates horses is the flashy looking black filly by the very well bred stallion Dedline from the mare Quasar who has been named Phyla Vell. She gets her name from the Marvel character also known as Captain Marvel or 'Quasar'. So hopefully our filly can live up to her name and achieve superhero status too!!