GS 'Off The Track' Program Leads The Way!

Jul 07, 2018

We love our horses-as we’re sure you do too!

Since Grand Syndicates launched a few short years ago, we've taken enormous pride in giving all of our horses the best of care both on and off the track, with a particular focus on their all-important post racing careers.

We all know that not every horse has a long and succesful career on the racetrack, and even those that do will eventually head on to the next stage of their lives. It's our opinion that they deserve to go somewhere where they'll be loved for many more years to come. With this in mind, we've implemented a new policy to pay for a re-education campaign for each of our horses when they've finished racing.  

In the majority of cases, if a horse hasn’t been sold on or isn’t being used for breeding purposes (fillies and mares), then after its retirement from racing, it’s a condition of joining each syndicate that all members are billed the sum of $110 per 5% share to go towards the horse’s post racing re-education program. This will enable us to send the horse to a professional person skilled in the process of retraining a racehorse to become a horse suitable for use in other new equestrian sports or pastimes. This initial process takes around 6-8 weeks, and once completed, it not only gives a horse the right start to its new career, but it also value adds them and makes them much more desirable to potential sport horse and or pleasure horse enthusiasts who can give their ‘off the track’ racehorse a good home where they’ll be well treated, happy and loved for many more years to come…

By announcing this new initiative, we're hoping that other racehorse syndication companies and trainers also implement similar policies for the good of all racehorses. We'd love to see this as a standard across the industry because after all-we're all horse lovers at heart!