Buy a Share in a Racehorse

Grand Syndicates can make your dream of owning a racehorse a reality. Thoroughbred syndication will give you the fantastic opportunity of owning your very own share in a racehorse for just a 'grand'. That’s right. A 'grand'! If you have a passion for horse racing, you're not alone. The thrill of watching a 500kg+ athlete thundering down the straight is pretty difficult not to get excited about. The cheer of the crowd; the fashion; the champagne; the buzz you get from a day at the races watching your own horse is second to none. It’s called the sport of kings but really it's the sport of the people. Our thoroughbred syndication service will allow you to buy a share in a racehorse and live the dream of being a racehorse owner for just 'a grand' upfront.

So how does thoroughbred syndication work? When you purchase horse racing shares from Grand Syndicates you'll get a 5% share for just $1,100 inc gst. Each of our syndicates is made up of 20 shares and you could be one of the lucky owners. Our racehorses are generally purchased for less than $20,000 which means that you could be a racehorse owner for as little as $6.60 per day to cover all ongoing fees!

Buy shares in racehorses with Grand Syndicates and you'll receive a weekly progress report on your horse. When it's racing, you'll receive a call or email before and after the race. You'll also receive a weekly newsletter keeping you in the loop with all the latest racing news. To top it off, all Grand Syndicate members will have the opportunity to attend a variety of fun social, networking, and business events where you'll get the opportunity to meet other owners and like-minded people.

If this sounds good to you, call us today and soon you can be living your dream of being a racehorse owner.