Grand Syndicates 'Off The Track' Program

As sure as Summer follows the Spring, eventually, the majority of all racehorses are retired. Mainly, the decision to retire them from racing is due either to a lack of ability, a performance limiting injury, old age or in the case of fillies and mares-the owners intention to use them for breeding purposes.

With the horses exiting the young Grand Syndicates team, their future is just as important to us as when they were racing. It’s our intention is to find them the best possible home with the right people who’ll love them, care for them, and guide them through the next chapter of their lives.

This is why Grand Syndicates have established a racehorse retraining program for all of our retired racehorses who do not continue on in the racing industry though the breeding barn.

As part of owning a horse with Grand Syndicates, our owners agree to a condition that on retirement, they'll be billed the sum of $110 per 5% share to go towards the horse’s post racing re-education program. This puts the responsibility of horse welfare back onto us as owners and will enable the horse to be sent to a professional person skilled in the process of retraining a racehorse, which ensures that horse is suitable for use in other new equestrian sports or pastimes. This initial process takes around 6-8 weeks, and once completed, it not only gives a horse the right start to its new career, but it also value adds them and makes them much more desirable to potential sport horse and or pleasure horse enthusiasts, who can give their ‘off the track’ racehorse a good home where they’ll be well treated, happy and loved for many more years to come…

By announcing this new initiative, we're hoping that other racehorse syndication companies and trainers also implement similar policies for the good of all racehorses. We'd love to see this as a standard across the industry because after all we are all horse lovers at heart!


Some of Grand's current OTT horses:


While racing may not have been his forte purely because he wasn’t fast enough, it seems that Red Alfred (now named ‘Jax’) has found his niche in the show world. Carlene Matthewman, one of the owners that raced Red Alfred was keen to take him on for the next leg of his career, and what a job fantastic job she’s done…

On his show debut, Carlene and Jax managed to bring home not 1 but 5 titles including Champion Gelding, Champion Off the Track, Supreme Champion Thoroughbred, Reserve Champion Show Hack and Top 5 Supreme of Supremes!


'Speed-challenged' on the racetrack, Bletchley Circle is proving a beautiful addition to the life of her new owner, a young lady (15 yrs) named Jaleesa.  Jaleesa is a very confident and competent rider and together, they are already competing in 95cm Eventing competitions.  Eventing consists of dressage, show jumping and cross country.  Jaleesa is very careful with Bletchley Circle, who she calls ‘Annie’, to not over face her in jumping or push her too hard, as she is only a 4 year old. They also attend pony club once a month.

Watch this space as this combination will be bringing home more success stories from our OTT…